Floor Protection Sheets

Are you looking for a protective sheet for a big job? Our range has a proven track record as a superior protection product. Available in flame retardant and non-flame retardant, they are superbly versatile, corrugated twin wall plastic sheets. Shop our range and decide which product you'll opt for.

Buy temporary floor protection sheets for your job now, they're fit for long term use

At Florprotec, we stock a wide range of sheets for heavy projects and over a longer time period. You can browse what is currently available online and once you've found the product you are interested in, order online. Use on s range of finishes to give them a professional, smooth finish.

If you need to protect smooth finishes that require impact protection such as ceramic, timber, marble, vinyl and laminate floors, you can be confident that our range of products will do the job. They are available in a range of depths. This includes extra heavy Tuffbord recommended for use where impact protection is needed from very heavy traffic.

Choose eco-friendly sheets for temporary floor protection.

If you’re searching for a more environmentally friendly option, we can provide products for you too. Our Envirobord range has been developed with exactly this purpose for those who wish for a greener choice. Not only is it made from recycled materials, but we also have an eco-friendly temporary flooring option that's also flame retardant, making it safer to use in industrial places.

You can also find options for heavy duty flooring protection.

We offer our Extra Heavy range, which has a flame retardant option if you prefer as well as white or black choices.

Buy yours online now - our sheets are part of our wider collection of temporary floor protection products at Florprotec.

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