Dirt Trapper™

When the Dirt Trapper™ is placed inside jobsite or work area entrances, the sticky mat traps dirt, dust and contaminants from the soles of footwear and the wheels of hand trucks and carts.  Our starter kit contains a 0.66m x 0.81m non-skid frame and includes a 30 layer 0.61m x 0.76m mat.
Just peel the dirty layer off to reveal a new clean sheet underneath.  The durable non-skid frame will hold up to the toughest use and can be refilled with additional sticky sheets.

Product highlights
  • Reduces the spread of dirt from shoes and wheels
  • Protects floors from dirt, dust and contaminants
  • Great for all entryways
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Code Description Size Actions
T01261 non-skid frame with 30 layer mat 0.66m x 0.81m
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T01265 30 layer refill 0.61m x 0.76m
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