Florprotec® Pyrolay®

Pyrolay® is flame retardant.  The product has an embossed anti-slip finish. Available in a manageable roll width, able to cover a large area efficiently. A cost effective way of protecting on site.

Product highlights
  • Flame retardant.
  • Embossed anti-slip surface
  • A cost effective protection
  • Can be printed with your company name
  • Available in different grades; light, medium and heavy
When to use
Ideal for use where costs are key.  Should be used for short - medium term contracts to protect from light to medium site traffic.  For longer term or high activity sites use Florprotec® CPP.  Can also be used as a general dust covering for finishes or furnishings.
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Code Product Size Weight Actions
M41 (Light) Pyrolay® SuperStrength 1.5m x 200m 17kg
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M21 Green (Medium) Pyrolay® Medium Duty 1.5m x 100m 17kg
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Pyrolay anti-slip
Pyrolay anti-slip

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