Florprotec TacBac TS63 Certifire

Tacbac TS63 Certifire is flame retardant carpet protection film that is both tested and certified to TS63 CERTFIRE.
Tacbac should not be used on damp or wet carpets or carpet where adhesive has not cured. Avoid trapping vapours. Applying to soiled, contaminated or carpets of poor condition is not recommended.  Do not use over under-floor heating or in hot and humid conditions. NB for handmade carpets – please check suitability with manufacturer before use.

Tacbac Flame Retardant is outside wound
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Code Size Weight Colour Actions
T100FR Carpet Protection Film 0.6m x 100m 5.4kg White
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T101FR Carpet Protection Film 1m x 100m 9kg White
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T102FR Carpet Protection Film 1.2m x 100m 10.8kg White
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